The Hydroponic Greenhouse a New Wave

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In Hydroponic gardening the balanced nutrient solution directly feeds the plants roots and provides an inorganic approach to raising plants.

Most plants that are hydroponically raised must be treated with proper care in controlled conditions. For the beginner a substrate growing hydroponic system where the root zone is physically supported by media, is going to be best. The plants are fed by applying nutrient solution to the media.

Vine crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers all do well in a substrate growing system. Substrates have been successfully employed in the commercial cultivation of most vegetable vine crops grown in the greenhouse. Almost any material that supports the root system, other than soil, is considered a substrate.

Substrates can be organic or inorganic. Organic substrates such as peat, pine bark, sawdust, rice hulls can be used.  Inorganic mineral such as polymeric foams and plastic beads or clay pellets, sand, gravel, perlite and Rockwool. Anything that will support roots, provide adequate oxygenation, is inert, and has good water retention will do.

All the items necessary to cultivate are set with automated care and maintenance. Timers are set at scheduled feed cycles to  automatically activate pumps that carries chemical solutions which are applied directly to the roots.

You may wondering how the food coming from hydroponic greenhouses knowing this method uses chemical inorganic fertilizer. This may be a concern on the food being consumed. Many nutritionists have proven that vegetables or fruits that came from hydroponic greenhouses are safe and nutritious because plants only absorb the fertilizer in an organic state.

When a person applies raw chemical fertilizers on the soil, he may affect the soil condition. Microorganisms that may have been living in the soil would surely die because of these artificial fertilizers. The soil can no longer grow any plants unless the continuous use of chemical fertilizers is applied.

The Hydroponic greenhouse does not need the services of soil, because plants are fed through exact nutrient dosages directly to the root system to increase production and faster growth. Commercial Growers for years have used this method. Also, the world today cannot accommodate the growing demand for food because of lack of grow-able soil in some countries and the unstoppable growth of the world’s population. This is why chemicals are now widely used on many crops to satisfy with the increasing demand for food supply.

As a concept, hydroponics has been around since the beginning of time, from the ancient Babylonians to the Aztec Indians. Marco Polo spoke of China’s magnificent floating gardens, and there is documentation that the Egyptians practiced primitive hydroponics.

Present times dictate to accept this reality because the need to supply farmers with solutions to produce and harvest more crops in more places to sustain the production of food for the worlds growing population.